What's in it for hosts?

Attract popular and lucrative events to your venue organised by reputable operators

The success of a market event for a town centre or the reputation of a venue depends largely on the operator a host selects to run their events. The Market People guarantees that all registered operators are fit to trade while the system is structured to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each party involved. Documentation is automatically forwarded to relevant local government agencies, so you are always covered - with less paperwork and bureaucracy.

Tender Events

Submit your projects or tender to your selection of fully accredited and rated operators, and be assured that you are dealing with responsible and experienced professionals

Event Logistics

If you have never organised an event before, our system provides detailed guidance every step of the way and completion of our event registration form details what the process involves

Quality Assurance

Access the best operators in UK and Europe and following selection you will get a full description of the service provided, a list of accredited traders attending the event and the commodities being offered

Get your operators to register with The Market People

If your favourite operator isn't already registered, it's a good idea to ask them to do so, for your own peace of mind. Move your VENUE business to the next level